Strategic and Creative Business Consulting

One of the biggest challenges of this century,
     is to find the right creative and strategic use for technology.

Rapid prototyping and your business model

Today, technology and data is evolving like never before. The challenge is to integrate this speed and innovation into your business. We can help you identify innovation opportunities and design solutions, that sit closest to the essence of your business. Imagine a rapid prototyping designer with a business sense. Imagine a product or service that truly adds to your company’s essence and not just its branding.

Twitter-Car prototype, Cannes project
In-Store App concept prototype

We believe you already own half of the solution

The biggest potential in a connected world, is connecting the right dots. We will look at your business and use digital technology to do just that. Connect what's already there. We focus on a business’ essence, not the most trendy technology. We believe every business has the potential of innovation already sitting within their infrastructure. Sometimes, day-to-day business and rightfully established efficiency structures block the ability of seeing this.

Darwin Center 2 experience
Antenna social media infrastructure

When to talk to us (when to hire us and what for)

You want a bit of startup flavor to your business or project.
You want to get industry and platform independent innovation.
You don’t have the budget for a Creative Technology department.
You want to bring in more integrated thinking.
You want to see applied projects, not just trend forecasting.
You want to try a design-led approach in your technology-led company.
You want to try a technology-led approach in your creative-led company.
You are looking to productivise and monetize your technology.
You are a startup looking for design or tchnology solutions.
You just want a pair of fresh eyes.

Social Listening Radio prototype
Sounddropper - geolocative audio app