The Future of Transport

A New World

Automotive is changing and Nissan asked us and agency Fearlessly Frank, to help design the products and services that fit into the urban space of tomorrow.

Agile & Strategy

Applying Service Design and Rapid Prototyping methodologies, we created a working vehicle prototype, mobile app, services and marketing approach for a full circle product strategy package, which was presented to Nissan's board.

Integrated Service

We built a comprehensive persona and user journey approach to cover a wide spread of target audiences both for product and service, including governmental and other 3rd party opportunities.

Zero Ownership, Zero Friction™

Applying ResonanceDesign's Zero Friction™ model, we provided strategic stepping stones to enable a paradigm shift from manufacturer to service provider through product development and infrastructural shifts that are backed by Nissan's existing product cycle.


ResonanceDesign is an applied strategy and creative consultancy based in London, UK.

Email: web@resonancedesign.co.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 7950 177633
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