Social Listening Radio
An Internet of Things Artefact

Working Prototype

Wireless, rechargeable and mobile

What is Social Listening?

The digital world provides us with many new tools. Oftentimes, their purpose and benefit are part of a new paradigm, that not everyone is familiar with. One way of helping show the benefits of those tools is to manifest it in front of the client. This is what Social Listening Radio does.

Watercooler Chat

Customers talk about your products and services. They do so on Twitter, IMs, Snapchat, etc. Social Listening Radio can listen to such conversations and analyse them.

Relevant Insights & Themes

The Social Listening Radio listens to themes relevant to your brand. Its also analyses negative and positive tendencies and influence of individuals based on social currency.

Today's Reality

Building this device is not rocket science. Analysing relevant data for your business isn't either. If we can build this in a week, imagine what we could do for your business in a month.


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