The Things Network
Kickstarter Campaign

Affordable and easy to deploy hardware

LoRaWAN long-range low-power technology

World Changing

The Things Network will bring crowdsourced Smart City data networks to every major city in the world. The Amsterdam based startup decided to create new and more affordable hardware via Kickstarter.

A Vision

We helped TTN to communicate the vision they have, which is not only about developing hardware, but helping cities and citizens to truly make the Internet of Things happen.


For the 30 days of the campaign, we helped to shape the story aspect of the project and helped them structure and design the campaign, social media and PR strategy, including the creation of supporting content, editorial partners and articles.


TTN got funded whithin the first 8 days and ended with over 200% of the asked support and budget. We helped expand their communities from 8 cities to 50 countries and 180 cities. Their Twitter and general social media following increased by over 30%. The Kickstarter campaign ended up being one of Kickstarter's most successful projects outside of Silicon Valley. Confirmed TTN case studies include one of the first Smart Islands and the complete province of Groningen to be turned into an innovation hub with the network at its heart. Along the way, the campaign created various media buzz reaching all the way to Silicon Valley, including a TV appearance and various industry tops picking up on the story.


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